Gluten Free
Made in Mallorca
Made with olive oil
Shelf life of 2+ years
No need of refrigeration

Get inspired

Take your taste buds to explore a new world of flavourful possibilities!

Best ways to use Sam’s Fire Extra Hot Sauces:

Gives any dish a flavour part.

Use as Dip

Sam’s Fire Extra Hot Sauces are condiments with endless possibilities! Use the hot sauces as a dip on its own or combine some mayonnaise, cream cheese or sour cream and dive into your new favourite dip with crackers, pita chips, tortilla chips, fries, pizza crusts or your favourite veggies. You can also give any standard dip a kick of flavour by adding the hot sauces or the chilli oil. Redefine what it means to dig in with Sam’s Fire inspired dips!

Use For Marination

Using the same old marinades night after night can get boring. Pour some Sam’s Fire Extra Hot Sauces into the mix and boost the flavour of your chicken, steak, pork, or whatever’s on the menu. Just the right amount of Sam’s Fire heat to complement your cooking!


You can always take the flavour to the next level with a few drops or drizzles of Sam’s Fire Extra Hot Sauces. Mix a dash of the hot sauces into your favourite homemade or store-bought salad dressing to take your greens to the next level or drizzle out the hot sauce over your food to add extra flavour!


Say goodbye to bland and boring food by cooking with Sam’s Fire Extra Hot Sauces! You can eat hot sauce with every meal, from breakfast through dinner. Just like you wouldn’t settle for a mediocre burger or a just-good-enough meal, you should never settle for anything less than Sam’s Fire Extra Hot Sauces.